Consultation SPORT+

The sports + consultation is suitable for elite and hobby athletes. Based on the results of the DNA test with our experts, we will propose adjustments to the training process and recommend additional diagnostics, preventive and advisory examinations according to sports level/performance in the scope of biochemistry, body composition analysis, spiroergometry, ergometry - lactate, anthropometry, orientation spirometry, jump ergometry, wingate test and others according to the current offer.
(Purchase of Sport consultation is subject to purchase of DNA analysis)

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"DNA4Fit is a high-value one-time investment for anyone looking for truly personalized health, nutrition and sports advice."


When is a consultation suitable for you?

- if you have a problem clearly understanding the results of the DNA test and prefer a consultation,
- if you need to adapt your personal training plan even more to your current needs,
- if you want to get access to our specialists.


How does the consultation work?

After filling out the online form that will be sent to your email, our expert will study your goals and problems. You will then book a consultation appointment online. Children under the age of 18 can only have a consultation accompanied (with the participation of a parent) or an adult authorized by the parent.