Consultation of DNA analysis results - 60 min.

Make time for yourself and your health

We offer you the opportunity to order a personal 60-minute consultation of the results of your DNA analysis. Our goal is to explain the results of DNA analysis, answer all questions and help with even greater personalization of recommendations according to your personal preferences. As a rule, the result of the consultation is a more detailed adjustment of the menu as well as a proposal for a personal supplementation program from a selection of nutritional and other products from leading Slovak and European manufacturers.


Dostanete spolu s
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When is a consultation suitable for you?

- if you have a problem clearly understanding the results of DNA analysis and prefer a personal meeting,
- if you need to adapt your personal nutrition program even more to your current needs,
- if you need advice on how to properly understand your DNA results,
- if you want to get access to our specialists.


When do you need a 120-minute consultation?

- if you are a top athlete, you have been diagnosed with serious or long-term illness or if you have special requirements,
- if you need more than 60 minutes for a consultation.


How does the consultation work?

After filling out the online form that will be sent to your email, our expert will study your goals and problems. You will then book a consultation appointment online. Children under the age of 18 can only have a consultation accompanied (with the participation of a parent) or an adult authorized by the parent.