Listing or analysing your genes. By analysing your DNA, we look at specific places in your genome that make you unique. DNA testing gives you an overview of your genetic predisposition and your body, your metabolism, the effects of eating habits, nutrient requirements, cardiovascular health, detoxification of your body, sports conditions, skin rejuvenation, but also how and when to relax and much more.

Using genetic tests, you will find important information about your body to strengthen immunity and health in life, gain more energy, maintain beauty for a long time and generally function better. The results will explain in a simple way the knowledge gained about your metabolism, lifestyle, diet, sports predisposition, healthy skin, but also about your cardiovascular health and possible risks and genetic predispositions. The results of our analysis will help you set up a more efficient lifestyle, which is created exactly according to your DNA. The results are current and unchanging throughout life, as your genes do not change.

We have a simple answer to this question: DNA4fit tests are designed for all people who care about the health of themselves and their loved ones. In our conditions, we recommend our tests especially to executive managers, athletes, fathers, mothers, and their children, but also without exception to anyone who wants to dedicate their lives to a healthy lifestyle, strengthen immunity, want to have enough energy at work, give the best sports or just know what hurts and benefits him.

Decide on the goal you are pursuing. The most comprehensive test for immunity, health, energy, and beauty in one is BODY4FIT. You will automatically receive a personal meal plan created from the test results for the BODY4fit test. The BODY4fit test is intended for less demanding customers, for which it is also possible to purchase a personal meal plan. LOOK4fit will satisfy people who are mainly interested in the health, appearance, aging and nourishment of their skin. We encourage our customers to think carefully about which tests to choose. The professional content that we publish in our DNA Magazine can serve as a decision aid. It is possible to select multiple tests at once.

DNA tests are more than suitable for children. Genetic analysis will help identify genetic variations or. changes in the genetic code in children at an early age, enabling parents to make effective decisions, whether in the field of prevention or precise health care. You can order an unlimited number of tests. However, after sampling, it is necessary to register each sample with a unique email address. What this means in practice is that, for example, if you register a sample of your children or parents, everyone must have their own email address, if they do not need to create one. The results of the analysis will come to everyone's email account.

The genetic analysis of DNA4FIT and all the analysis we do are based on world clinical studies. Due to one of the best methods of DNA sequencing, we use only top foreign laboratories. The scope of information in the results of analysis is given in a simple and understandable form, everyone will understand it even without a medical education. The complexity and practical usability of the information contained in the analysis results is unique. DNA test results are permanent and valid throughout your life. We do tests for everyone, regardless of age or medical condition. You can do the test at home, but also anywhere else simply by taking saliva, it does not require specific sampling conditions. For each test, you can get instructions for a diet program according to your DNA and consultations with top experts of your choice.

We believe that consulting a nutritionist alone is not enough. For this reason, you can choose a partner for possible consultations, which is either a specialized professional consulting company or a specialist. These consultations are not included in the price of the genetic analysis service we provide. We can provide contact for the relevant consultant / consultants for our clients. The price of these consultations, as well as the scope you request, is a matter of individual agreement between you and the relevant consultant.

The process of obtaining results from your DNA, from saliva, requires high expertise and is performed at the molecular level in our partner European laboratories. As a result, we can't guarantee results until we post on the site. That is, no later than 40 days from the delivery of the sample to us. Compared to other companies, our results processing is the most accurate.

Testing lasts differently for everyone. On average, it takes from 1 minute to 5 minutes, even with registration and wrapping the sample in an envelope. Precise instructions for proper sampling are included in the test package.

According to the instructions in the collection kit, depending on the type of collection kit, do not eat, drink, smoke, brush your teeth or chew gum for an hour or 30 minutes before collecting the sample, otherwise you will contaminate the sample. In the instructions, you will also find a recommendation to take the sample for yourself or your loved ones, ideally in the morning after waking up, when the risk of biological contamination of the sample is the lowest. The method of sampling, storage of the sample and delivery of the sample to us is described in the instructions in the sampling set. When personally delivering the sample to us, always agree in advance on the method of delivery so that the conditions for storing the sample are observed. If there is a situation where the results cannot be delivered, we will send you one new test for free. If any of the results are inconclusive, we will repeat the testing in the laboratory based on your request.

When processing the results, a problem may arise when the sample is contaminated for biological or technical reasons. (See the question: What should I watch out for when collecting a sample?) Technical or biological reasons for sample contamination can occur, for example, from improper handling of the collection kit/collection on the customer's side and during sample transport or improper sample storage. However, such cases are rare. However, if there is a situation where we are unable to supply you with the results for the above reasons, we will send you a new collection kit and repeat one test free of charge. A second repetition of the test for biological or technical reasons is charged.

Your results are completely anonymous. We only request the necessary invoicing data and the data necessary to represent the customer in front of a foreign laboratory. Our service is fully compliant with GDPR conditions. The protection of personal data is a priority for us. We use a software solution that protects your data. After sending the samples to us, your contacts and your sample are further processed only under a specific barcode and security code.

We send the test results electronically to each registered client. The comprehensive analysis of the selected test will be highlighted in the client zone, upon delivery of the notification by email. Each client has an individual and unique access to their electronic account. If you have also ordered a printed version of the results, we will deliver these to you electronically within 21 working days of delivery.

Printed resp. print versions of analysis and personal catering programs are available, so it is possible to order them together with the analysis or at any time later. Your personal analysis is in a high-quality printed form that you can return to at any time, and it will stay with you forever. When designing, we paid attention to its long life and the feeling of leafing. You will always be happy to return to it by using heavyweight hardened paper and laminated packaging for long life. A wide metal spiral ensures trouble-free rotation. We will deliver the printed analysis to you within 21 working days from the end of the analysis process. More than 70% of customers also order print versions, which we also recommend because it improves working with results.

You can pay on our website by credit or debit card, using the TrustPay service, cash on delivery or bank transfer. Personal collection in our showroom is possible after payment using the TrustPay service or bank transfer only after the payment has been credited to our account.

We send orders through delivery company, to the address provided by you. Be sure to include the correct contact information, including your mobile number, in your order.

When you are sure that you have taken the correct sample (according to the enclosed instructions for correct sampling, which are included in the test package) and the collection device is properly closed, first place it in the enclosed return envelope. Close the prepared prepaid return envelope with the postal label. This is how it is ready for delivery to us.

Each test has a prepaid return envelope. When you have completed the test, place it in an envelope and tape it to the lid of the envelope. You will then hand over the envelope at any branch of Slovenská pošta as a return shipment for which you do not pay, or directly in our DNA4fit showroom, Vietnamská 53, Bratislava. When handing over in the showroom, agree on the exact date of handover in advance by phone.

You can order an unlimited number of tests. However, after sampling, it is necessary to register each sample with a unique email address. What this means in practice is that if, for example, you register a sample of your children or parents, everyone must have their own email address, if they do not need to create one. The results of the analysis will come to everyone's email account.

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is a long molecule consisting of our unique genetic code. In the genetic code we find the instructions needed for the development, life, and reproduction of the organism.

DNA consists of a combination of 4 different nucleotides, which we refer to as adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G) and thymine (T). DNA occurs in the form of a double helix, in which A is paired with T and C is paired with. Human DNA consists of 3.2 billion pairs of these nucleotides in the haploid genome and 6.4 billion in the diploid genome.

The haploid genome can be found in germ cells, which contain only one chromosome from each pair (as they multiply, these haploid cells - the egg and the sperm - merge to form a diploid zygote from which the individual develops). Most other cells contain both chromosomes of each pair, and we call this condition diploid.

A gene is a part of a DNA sequence that carries information to make a protein. Genes are inherited by offspring from parents and provide the information needed to shape and develop the body. A gene is a section of DNA that carries information that determines specific properties. We inherited these qualities from our parents (such as a character for eye colour). Each cell in the human body contains approximately 20,000 genes. We do not find genes only in humans, but also in animals and plants.

All DNA that is present in the cell nucleus and includes all autosomal chromosomes and both sex chromosomes. In other words. The genome is a set of all genes in one cell. The genome contains the complete information needed to create and maintain an organism. The complete genome is found in every single cell of our body (except for red blood cells and platelets).

It is a general term that is usually synonymous with a genotype or variant of a genetic DNA sequence. However, the term may also refer to a region of the genome in which the gene is not present.

Allelic variants of a gene present in each human. A genotype can represent all the alleles in a cell but is usually used to describe one or more genes that together affect a particular characteristic. A genotype is the complete genetic makeup of a particular organism.

Proteins are the building blocks for everything in our body. These proteins help our body grow, work properly, so we can stay healthy. Proteins in our cells arise from genes. Each gene performs a special role. The DNA in a gene contains a specific instruction (this can be compared to a food recipe) for making proteins in cells. It is estimated that an average of 10 different proteins can be produced from each gene in the human body. That's more than 200,000 different proteins.